August 15, 2022

5 ATV Hauling Tips to Make Your Life Easier

So you’ve got yourself an ATV and can’t wait to get out into the backcountry. There is just one little detail to consider—how are you going to get your ATV to the backcountry?

Unless you’re lucky enough to live near the ideal riding areas, chances are you’re going to have to transport your ATV there. As tempting as just hopping on your ATV and ripping through town might be, we don’t recommend it (and neither do the police). But don’t worry because we’ve got the best options for transporting your ATV.

Truck transport

If you’ve got a heavy duty pickup that can handle another slightly-less-heavy vehicle in the bed, then you’re well on your way to hitting the trails. 

But keep in mind that the more weight you put in the back of your truck, the harder the engine has to work, and the more fuel it has to burn. We highly recommend making sure your truck has the torque to actually carry your off-road vehicle. Also, make sure you measure the truck bed and your ATV to ensure it will all fit safely in the truck. 

Another thing–it shouldn’t hang out the back of the truck at all. This is not only for your safety, but also for the safety of everyone on the road with you.

For more ways to stay safe, check out our article “Have a Great Summer with these ATV Safety Tips”.

Ramp it up

So you’ve got a truck that can move your ATV. The question now becomes what is the best way to get your ATV into the bed of the truck? 

The simple answer is with ramps, and not just some wooden planks you have laying around. You’ll have to get yourself some good quality, portable metal ramps that you can fit in the bed with the ATV, because if you wanna get your ATV off the truck, you’ll need them for that too. 

It also pays to get some practice driving your ATV up and down the ramps as well, as the incline can be quite steep depending on the length of your ramps.

Trailer transport

A far more convenient method for transporting, but one that will come with an extra cost, is using a trailer. 

There are a variety of trailers specifically for towing off-road vehicles, so you’ll need to find one that will best fit your needs. Being lower to the ground than a pickup truck bed will make it much easier, as most trailers that are designed for ATVs will have their own built-in ramps on the back.

Driving with a trailer can be awkward if you’ve never done it before, so make sure you get some experience towing and backing up with it attached to your vehicle, or travel with someone who does.

As for the cost? Trailers need their own registration and insurance, so be prepared for that as well.

If you’re looking to get one for yourself, make sure to check out our inventory of utility trailers first at one of our 3 locations. 

Trail rack

Not quite ready for a trailer, but finding your ATV is a little too big for your truck bed, or have more than one ATV to move? 

A side-loading carrier is a good solution. This system allows a larger ATV to be secured to a platform that is wider than the truck’s bed. It centers the weight of the machine as well, which makes driving with them easier. You can also load up a second ATV, so your buddy can come along as well.

Keep it secure

Once your ride is on the truck or trailer, it will need to be properly secured and the e-brake isn’t going to cut it. Bungee cords aren’t your best option as they can break and cause your ATV to slide out or off the back of the truck. Ratchet straps that keep the ATV secured to its transport is ideal, as they can be tightened for transport and easily loosened once you arrive. 

For more important ATV accessories, check out our article “The MUST HAVE Gear You’ll Want for Your New ATV”.

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