April 4, 2023

Mud Specific Tires for Your ATV

Once the snow starts to melt, it’s only a matter of time before the only thing left on the trails is mud. And if you’ve been chomping at the bit to get out and get dirty, your favourite season is upon us!

There’s mud, and then there’s mud, and if you want to avoid getting your ATV stuck, you’ll need a good set of mud tires for your ATV. 

These tires are thicker specialized rubber with aggressive treads that rip through the sludge. The lug size will vary depending on how muddy things are going to get. The thickness also helps reduce the chance of puncturing the tire with anything you can’t see below the mud’s surface.

You will sink to the bottom if you attempt to drive through a bottomless mud bog without mudding tires. Don’t be the friend everyone has to rescue; look at these excellent mud tire options instead!

Kenda Bearclaw

Only some people want to ride through mud that comes up to their knees, and some would like to ride the drier portion of the trails and the muddy areas. That’s where the Bearclaw comes in.

These are a good option for those who want better than stock tires but want to get around on the trails without tearing them to shreds. They’re not the flashiest but durable and reasonably priced, so they’re a good option for those getting into ATV mudding.

ITP Cryptid

One of the best-known brands for UTV and ATV tires, these bad boys will have you traversing the muddy landscape just as effectively as their namesake. These are used as the stock tire on many mudding-edition ATVs, so you know they do what’s on the label.

Cryptids have a flat profile and are pretty narrow, which you need for a mudding tire. Their deep treads pull you out of deep ruts and prevent the mud from building up too much. 

Maxxis Maxxzilla Plus

These mudders have an aggressive tread but enough tread block for a relatively smooth ride on dry trails. The tread depth is 1.75 inches, and while it’s not the deepest tread on our list, it’s still deep enough to get you through the muddy areas for optimal atv mudding.

Sedona Mudda Inlaw

Aside from the incredible name, these are among the best mud tires. Their aggressive treads, which start at two inches and sink to 2¼ inches at the outside, will ensure that you won’t get stuck in the slop, ranking them top atv mud tires. And since they are also radial tires, the ride will be much smoother than your average, super-deep-tread mud tire.

Super ATV Assassinator

These tires are for extreme mudding and extreme mudding only. The three-inch treads work like paddles through the mud and will get you through any muddy area, no matter how deep. However, they shouldn’t be driven on dry trails, as they will likely wreck the path and tire. Stick to super muddy areas with these tires on.

You’ll want to ensure your ATV has the power to handle these tires, as they’re on the heavier side and will need enough clearance to run them.

Ready to ride?

No one wants to spend their weekend getting themselves out of the mud; they want to be ripping through it! If you’re itching to get out in the muck, we at Throttle Powersports can assist you with the installation of your new treads.  

Call us at 1-866-668-6386 to find out more! 


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