July 18, 2022

Have a Great Summer with these ATV Tips.

So you’ve got your ATV and all the gear and equipment you need to have an amazing time out on the trails. But before you head out, you should take the time to learn about proper ATV safety, not only for yourself, but for everyone you’re out with.

Here are a few of the most important ATV safety tips to keep in mind for the next time you’re out on the trails.


As much as the name All-Terrain Vehicle implies, you should avoid riding on public roads wherever possible. They’re not meant to be on highways and community streets, and drivers of those roadways are not expecting you to come ripping out and heading down their road—it’s a sure fire way to cause an accident, and odds are the ATV is going to lose. 

So stick to the trails and if you do need to cross a highway (sometimes it is necessary), make sure it’s good and clear of oncoming traffic before you do.


There’s something about being out in the backcountry by yourself that can be satisfying, but if something happens to you, you’re pretty much hooped. Better to go riding with at least one other person, who can not only help you if you get stuck, but can also get help if anything happens. 

Also, be sure to let someone at home know where you’re going and when you plan to be back. Better to have backup if you need it.


This ought to be a given, but it’s worth stating right off the bat. Get yourself a proper ATV helmet and wear it when you’re out riding. And make sure everyone you’re riding with has a proper helmet, too. 

It might be tempting to allow little ones to just wear their bike helmet, but they also need a proper helmet. According to StatsCan data, helmets were not worn in about one-third of ATV fatalities. 

So find a helmet that fits. If you’re worried it looks uncool, maybe pick one with a wicked design or colour scheme and make sure to wear it! We’ve got a great selection of helmets at our Throttle Powersports locations so swing by, we’d be happy to help you find one that looks and fits great!

Your head is one of your most important body parts, so protect it accordingly. 

For a list of more things you should bring to stay safe, check out our article “Top 8 Things You Should Bring On Every ATV Ride”.


We all know how it is—you’re out in the bush or out camping, you’ve had a few drinks or had a few puffs, and you get the idea to take another rip around on your ATV. 

As with a car or truck, you should definitely not ride your ATV while impaired. That means no alcohol and no cannabis. Save that for when you’re really done for the day and wait to ride again after you’ve sobered up. 

While riding under the influence, you could not only injure yourself, but someone else as well. Alcohol and drugs were reported in more than half of all ATV-related deaths in Canada, so save the partying for later and live to ride another day.


Side-by-sides and UTVs are ultimately the safest Powersports vehicles. They often include seatbelts, roll bars, and doors—all things that can keep a rider safe from injury. 

An SXS or UTV is also less likely to rollover since they tend to be wider and thus more stable. They also make it safer to have a passenger as they are just as strapped in as the driver. So if you’re looking for a vehicle that makes you feel safer and more comfortable driving, an excellent option may be a UTV or side-by-side.


One of the best ways to protect yourself and others is through education. The Canada Safety Council offers courses that will go over the proper usage of your ATV, and how to avoid rollovers, and now to navigate different types of terrain. 

The course consists of both classroom learning as well as practical experience. They also offer courses for youth riders, providing they have a properly sized ATV. Get them riding safely while they’re young and you’ll have a safe rider for life.


Rider safety should be a lifelong practice, so make sure you follow our tips and you’ll be on the trails for years to come. If you’re also an avid hunter, check out our article on how to “Be Safe This Hunting Season”.

Got questions about safety gear or other ATV-related information? Call us at 1-888-689-0229 and we’ll help you out!

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