May 2, 2024

Choosing the Right CFMOTO ATV for Your Needs: A Buyer’s Guide

It never used to be the brand you thought of when someone mentioned ATVs, but CFMOTO has been making a name for itself in recent years regarding off-roading. While the company made its mark as a motorcycle manufacturer for decades, they have steadily increased the ranks of top-level ATV makers.

Are you curious about what makes the CFMOTO a great option? Read on to find out!

What’s good?

When picking the right CFMOTO model for you, you must consider how you’ll ride it. Do you want to use it for work, play or for both? Is it all business when you’re off the beaten path, or do you ride for the thrill? No matter your answer, there’s a CFMOTO ATV that will fit your needs. CFMOTO ATVs are divided into three types: the CFORCE, the ZFORCE, and the UFORCE.


These models are typically used for trail riding or off-roading, but are also becoming a great utility vehicle for farmers and other users. Farmers love this ATV because it is easy to add an attachment tool to perform daily tasks, it’s effortless to drive inside the property, and has very low fuel consumption. Others make their CForce functional by using them to plow their driveways or to transport heavy items inside big properties. CForces are great for every skill level of rider, from the beginner kid-sized 110 to the super strong 1000 Overland. Comfortably in the mid-range is the 800, which has all the power you’ll need to follow the trail or strike out into the wilderness. For adults, the CForce range starts at 400 CCs, which is considered a mid-size 4×4, and the most affordable one in its category. A 2024 brand-new CForce 400 starts at just $6,599! So it is a cost-effective and nice machine to work and play.


If you like adventure and off-roading, then the ZForce is the CFMoto Model for you. The ZForce Models are the more sporty models and are usually two-passenger vehicles, known side by side as per the aligned seats’ position. These toys are very powerful, and have the horsepower to keep high speed with safe stability. The Zforce’s body design allows riders to go through tiny spots and make their outdoor adventures full of new discoveries and adrenaline. There are two sub-categories within the ZFORCE line up, the trail and the sport. Both are considered sportive machines, but the so-called “Sport” model has added power, so you and your pal can race your buddies or just go on a speedy adventure through the backcountry.

CFMoto ZForce Side by Side


These models are commonly known as utilitarian vehicles (UTVs). They are used for working tasks due to their loading, towing, and winch capabilities. They have a high-capacity dump box, summed to a 1,500-pound load capacity, and a 3,000-pound winch. You’ll have your property or work area cleaned up and maintained in no time at all! Although highly used as a UTV, due to its versatility it has become a favourite among various types of riders: those that use it for recreational use, or in need of a big cargo box for hunting trips. Among the UForce lineup is the UForce 1000 XL vehicle which is a 6-seat UTV, great to transport your work crew or go for a fun ride in the surrounding area of the property.

CFMoto UForce Models

It won’t break the bank

One of the best things about a CFMOTO machine is that you likely won’t go into debt getting one. There are those who think you need to spend a lot of money to get a high-quality ATV, but that could not be further from the truth. CFMOTO machines are just as good as your usual Polaris or Can-am; for some, they’re even better simply because of the price tag and long term warranty. These ATVs come with so many standard features you’d think someone put the wrong price on it! You’ve got a pretty great machine from the liquid-cooled four-stroke engine, the hydraulic shock absorbers, and electric power steering to the digital display dashboard, 12v and dual USB outlets, and 14-inch aluminum alloy wheels.

Built to last

Just because they are affordable doesn’t mean they are flimsy. These ATVs are sturdy and handle like a dream on the trails. They are designed to be responsive and powerful, with a smooth clutch to make shifting gears even easier. It has the look and feel of an upmarket ATV without the price tag of one. The land is yours to explore with a CFMOTO ATV, Side by Side, or UTV. Ready to get your hands on a CFMOTO machine? Stop by at one of our locations, where we’ve got plenty of models in stock. We will help you make the right choice for your needs and budget, and have you out on the trails before you know it! Check us out today!

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