May 20, 2022

Get Unstuck from the Muck: Top Tips for Mud Season

Is there any better feeling than ripping through the Ontario mud trails on your ATV and watching the muck spray everywhere? So satisfying.

At least it is until you realize the mud was a little thicker or a little deeper than you thought, and you were slowed down enough to sink right into the middle. It’s finally happened: your ATV is stuck in the mud.

Hopefully, you’re reading this article BEFORE your ATV gets stuck in the mud, and if you need more information on what you need to bring on your next ATV adventure, check out our article on the Top 8 Items You Should Bring on Every ATV RIde.


An ATV winch is the single-most valuable tool to have in your arsenal if you ever get stuck. If your ATV doesn’t have a winch, don’t worry! Our parts and services team are experts at ATV winch installation and would be happy to help. All you have to do is fill out our Service Quote Request form for your closest location, and someone from our team will get back to you ASAP.

Once you have your winch, here’s how to use it to get out of the mud. 

First things first: Make sure you’re wearing gloves. The metal coils of an ATV winch rope can fray and potentially leave metal splinters in your hands. Do yourself a favour and avoid this by keeping a thick pair of work gloves with you when you’re on the trails.

Next step: Find an anchor point for your winch cord. A good solid tree will work, or if you’re riding with a buddy, their ATV will also serve well. If you regularly ride in flat open areas, consider getting yourself a land anchor and keep it with you when you’re riding. Your future self will thank the current you for the foresight. 

Third Step: Attach the winch cable to the anchor point. If you’re using a tree as your anchor, use a thick, heavy duty strap to wrap around the tree. A wire cord will damage the tree, while a synthetic cord will get damaged by the tree. Be good to the trees.

Fourth step: Place the line damper on the cord. If that thing snaps while you’re winching, someone could get seriously injured. If you don’t have a line damper, drap a jacket or sweatshirt over the cord. Better safe than sorry.

Fifth Step: Now you’re ready to get pulled out of the muck. As much as you might want to get yourself out as quickly as possible, it’s recommended that you take it slow. You’ll be less likely to damage the winch, the ATV, and yourself. 

And voila! You’re free! Next time don’t slow down going through a muddy spot–the momentum should (hopefully) carry you through without getting stuck.

You should know that some of our ATVs already come with a winch installed, including all of our CFMOTO models. So check out our CFMOTO inventory.


If you and your buddies don’t have a winch, you might think you’re fresh outta luck. But don’t despair because, fortunately, you still have a few other options.

Come-along and Straps

Your next best bet after a proper winch is a come-along and some sturdy straps. This hand-operated tool requires manpower, but it won’t drain your ATV’s battery like a power winch can. The same principle applies as using an ATV winch– find a good, solid anchor point, attach the straps, and work the come-along until your ride is free. Easy peasey!


The next and not-so-great option is a shovel. Sometimes, you’ll just have to dig yourself out. The shovel can help clear away the mud and water, which can break the suction seal the muck had on your tires. 

Good Old-Fashioned Manpower

Last but not least, although it is definitely the least fun option, is plain old manpower and doing the rock around. Sometimes you just got to get your friends together and push you out of the mud while you try and loosen your ATV by rocking it back and forth. They likely won’t thank you for it, so consider getting one of the previously mentioned tools for yourself so you’ll actually be invited out on the trails again.


Throttle Powersports is one of the biggest ATV dealers in Ontario and we have the equipment and expertise you need to be prepared for any eventuality during mud season. If you don’t have a winch yet, get one installed by our expert parts and services team.

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