December 1, 2021

Gift Guide for Your Off Roader

Are you wondering what to get the off-roader in your life this holiday season? Whether their preferred vehicle is an ATV or a dirt bike, we’ve got some great ideas to stuff their stocking this year.

Battery Maintainer: There’s nothing worse than going to start an off-road vehicle only to find the battery is dead. Even worse, if already out in the middle of nowhere, that’s why having a power source to jump-start a battery will not only save time but also stress and worry. There are great brands that offer battery maintainers, such as Yuasa or Battery Tender. Throttle believes in the importance of providing every rider with a battery maintainer. With every purchase of an ATV or Side by Side, Throttle includes a maintainer; however, if your avid outdoors person purchased from another provider, you will want to add this to the top of their gift list!

Tire repair kit: You can never predict when they’ll run over something that’ll poke a hole in one of their tires. If they’re way out in the wilderness, a tire repair kit can at least patch the tire up enough to get them back to civilization. 

Helmet and goggles: You want your off-roader to be safe while they’re out doing what they love, which is why a helmet is of the utmost importance. A shiny new helmet will be appreciated, as would a new pair of goggles to protect their eyes.

Trail maps: Has your off-roader talked about places they’d like to go with their ATV? Have you likely heard stories of racing through the mountains or ripping through the prairies? Get them a book of trail maps so they can plan their dream off-road trip. Or consider a GPS and possibly an app purchase that allows those maps to be at their fingertips. 

Gloves: Any off-roader could use a new pair of gloves, and yours is likely no exception. If they’re more of a summer rider, pick a pair that’s light and breathable. If they’re also into winter riding, find a well-insulated set that will keep their hands warm as well as protected.

Heated handle grips: There is nothing worse than cold fingertips. When navigating the outdoors elements, you want to ensure your grip is firm and warm during the winter months. Heated handle grips are a great inexpensive gift for that person in your life who enjoys being outdoors and who could enjoy a little luxury in their life. The simple installation of heated handle grips plus the bonus of having them on those colder days is a sure gift to impress. 

Plow: Want to pull out all the stops? Be sure to check out KFI snow plows. This heavy-duty gift will elevate your gift-giving to the next level. By giving the gift of a snowplow, you will be enhancing the use and experience of the one who owns an ATV or Side by Side. This gift is the gift that keeps on giving; as the snow falls, it provides ample opportunity for clear driveways, safe walking, and hey, maybe even a neighbour or two will even reap the benefits. 

No matter what you decide to get your off-roader this holiday season, they’re sure to appreciate that you considered their favourite pastime when choosing their gift. Stop by one of our locations to shop accessories for your avid outdoors person.


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