December 4, 2023

Gift Ideas for ATV Riders

Having a tough time finding the right gift for the ATV rider in your life? Need help with what would be a good gift for them? Well, you’re in luck! We have plenty of suggestions for awesome gifts for ATV riders.


Riders will always need certain apparel and likely won’t begrudge having some extras on hand.

Helmet: A helmet is vital to any off-road rider’s gear, so it will always be needed. Especially if your rider is young and still growing, they’re more likely to outgrow their helmet the older they get. Head protection is so important, no matter how experienced your rider is, and there’s a wide array of helmets out there. Full face coverage will keep the debris out of their face, but an open-face helmet with goggles still offers protection if they don’t like those types.

Gloves: Another great rider gift to protect those hands from the elements and from injury. Riding gloves are padded to prevent hurting fingers, knuckles, and the myriad of bones and tendons in the hand. 

Boots: If your rider is wearing sneakers while on their ATV, save their feet by getting them some good sturdy riding boots. Like the gloves, they protect toes and ankles from debilitating injury.

Guards and supports: If your rider is more focused on speed, you’ll want to ensure they’re very well protected in a wipeout. Neck guards will help prevent broken collarbones, and supports can protect your spine.



Just because it’s cold out doesn’t mean riders necessarily have to put their ATVs away for the season. There are accessories out there that will keep them going even through the colder months.

Heated grips: When riding in the cold, you’re at the mercy of the wind chill and keeping your extremities warm is essential. Even with gloves on, heated grips for the handles will keep your rider’s fingers from feeling the bite of the wind.

Heated cab: Sitting in a warm off-road vehicle is better than sitting in a freezing cold one. Great for a SXS.

Plow: This is an excellent excuse for a gift that benefits you just as much as your rider. They can plow the driveway in minutes as part of their chores and even make cash offerings to do the neighbour’s driveways. 



There are always things that riders ought to have that they may only think of once they actually need them.

Tire repair kit and pressure gauge: These are always good to have on hand, especially if your rider tends to go off-trail and unseen obstacles are lurking in the underbrush. Being able to check their tire air pressure and repair any punctures to get them back home will bring them, and you, peace of mind.

Winch: One of our favourite gift ideas for atv riders is a basic winch, that is, if your rider doesn’t already have one. These will get them out of any tight spot in the winter or summer and are one of the first accessories riders attach to their machines.

Gas can: Having an extra gas can—that’s kept full—will save you a lot of trouble down the line, especially if your rider potentially forgets to top up their tank before heading out.



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