August 2, 2023

Preparing for Hunting with Your Argo

Summer is half over, which means it’s nearly time to start thinking about renewing your Outdoors Card for the fall. Hunting season is fast approaching, and we know you’re already dreaming about all the deer you will bag this year.


You’re likely already considering what you’ve got ready for the upcoming fall hunting season; rifle all cleaned and prepared with enough ammunition, your bow has been strung and tension tested, and your outdoor gear is still good to go. Yeah, you’ve got your ATV, but man, wouldn’t it be great to have the ultimate hunting vehicle while you’re out in the wilderness? We’re speaking, of course, about the Argo Xtreme Terrain Vehicle.

The Argo XTV is a Canadian-designed amphibious all-terrain vehicle. That means that no matter what the conditions are like while you’re on the hunt—rocks, mud, water, snow—you’ll be able to roll right over it. 

The Argo XTV provides excellent power in the deepest mud, and the efficient triple differential Admiral transmission allows the vehicle to turn effortlessly, even with tracks installed. Argo’s mud and swim tires combine to give the vehicle excellent traction and best-in-class payload, all while providing a water speed of 3.5 mph. 

While larger than your average UTV, an XTV does less damage to the surrounding environment than your typical 4×4. It has low ground pressure that won’t destroy vegetation and a fully sealed body that won’t leak chemicals. Good hunters try to leave the wilderness untouched as possible, and the Argo helps with that.

Once you’ve spotted your mark, the XTV again proves its capabilities. While an ATV has room for maybe one or two gun cases, the Argo amphibious gun rack fits the center of the vehicle, protecting your rifle or bow while readily accessible. It also means the driver and passenger won’t have to climb off the vehicle and get their rifle out of the case; in the Argo, you’ll be ready to shoot as soon as you spot your game.

Unlike an ATV or an SXS where you can accommodate one or two passengers, an XTV can carry six people over land (four people over water). That makes it a lot easier to transport you and your hunting buddies to the prime location. With a towing capacity of up to 1,800 pounds, you can bring virtually everything and no need to worry about the weight of the catch on the way home. 

There’s also a large enough rack to transport your deer back with you, along with all your equipment. Bear in mind there’s a wide array of accessories you can trick out your Argo XTV with to customize this year’s hunting season experience. You can get a convertible top with canvas sides to keep you warm once fall and winter roll in or a roll bar to help prevent injury in case of a rollover. Brush guards and a winch can help your Argo move through denser foliage, and you can even have tracks over your tires or a plow blade on the front. However you want to use your amphibious vehicle, it can be done. 

Don’t let this hunting season pass by wishing you had the ultimate hunting vehicle. There is no better time than now to get yourself an Argo. With three locations to bring you the perfect Argo and accessories, with parts and a service department to prepare you for the hunting season ahead. To find out how we can help you, call 1-866-668-6386 today!


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