2023 Argo Atlas Ev

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Built with a legacy of Go Anywhere ingenuity and optimized with over a decade of distinguished research and development within the electrification and unmanned sector. ARGO, the world leader for amphibious xtreme terrain vehicles is proud to bring you the Atlas EV. The world’s first fully electric amphibious 8×8 XTV. Outfitted with a single drive electric motor generating 107ft-lbs of torque, this fully electric amphibian is equipped with 28kWh of battery power with enhanced regenerative braking. The advanced hill ascend/ descend assist allows this machine to stop on and turn on a dime while on inclines or declines.

Inside the cockpit is an interactive 12-inch touch screen display that keeps you and your passengers informed on the vehicle’s status and health, with real-time reporting and a comprehensive list of integrated location and terrain mapping functions. With the adjustable front seats and room for two more people in the back, this ultra-quiet XTV allows you to go anywhere, in comfort.

    • 48V System: The Atlas EV’s 48V system brings together functionality and usability. Equipped with a 28 kWh battery, an on-board battery charger accommodating both level 1 and level 2 charging options and an optimized recharge rate as low as 3-hours. Giving you the power to go – anywhere.
    • Admiral E-Steer䋢 Transmission: ARGO’s steer by wire technology integrates an electric steering motor to offer zero turn capabilities at rest while touting differentiated gear ratios that equate to seamless and progressive maneuvers while the vehicle accelerates instantaneously.
    • 12 in. Touch Screen Display: Acting as a command center for the Atlas EV, the centralized 12-inch touch screen is integrated with vehicle location technology, intelligent terrain mapping, on demand vehicle health reporting, inclinometer, rearview back-up camera, hi and lo beam indicator and digital gear indicator. This comprehensive display offers a whole new meaning to ‰ÛÏbells and whistles.”
    • Integrated Winch: The Atlas EV brings function and fashion to the next level. The internally recessed 3,000-lb. winch provides a sleek, low-profile design while being fully functional.
    • Adjustable Front Seats: The contoured adjustable front seats provide the driver and passenger the ability to slide their seats forward or backwards for maximum comfort.
    • Amphibious Body: It wouldn’t be an ARGO XTV if it didn’t float. The one-piece amphibious lower body is a signature ARGO design feature. Its smooth, durable underbody floats over potential snags, stumps, and outcrops, as well as swamps and water. Rated for 2 occupants in the water 4 occupants on land.
    • Engine: Electric 48 V
    • Drive Motor: Electric
    • Steering Motor: Electric
    • Chassis: 8X8
    • Service Brakes: Electric
    • Steering Brakes: Electric
    • Transmission Type: Admiral E-Steer
    • Drive Belt: Standard
    • Full Skid Plate: Standard
    • Brushguard: Accessory
    • Winch: 3,000 Lb
    • Front Rack: Accessory
    • Bilge Pump: Standard
    • Load Capacity – Land: 437 lb. (198 kg)
    • Load Capacity – Water: 237 lb. (107kg)
    • Towing Capacity: 1,800 lb. (816 kg)
    • Seating Capacity – Land: 4
    • Seating Capacity – Water: 2
    • Speed – Land: 25 MPH (40 km/h)
    • Speed – Water: 3 MPH (5 km/h)
    • Weight: 2,113 lb. (958 kg)
    • Length (Includes Winch When Standard): 119 in. (3,023 mm)
    • Width: 60 in. (1,524 mm)
    • Height: 51 in. (1,295 mm)
    • Axle Bearing Extensions: Standard
    • Tires: XT119 25X12-9
    • Rims: Steel Airlock
    • Ground Clearance – Tires: 10 in. (254 mm)
    • Ground Clearance – Tracks: 11 in. (279 mm)
    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Color: Sky Silver Metallic

    Odometer: 0km

    Brand: Argo

    Model: Atlas Ev

    Body Style: UTV

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