2023 Argo Frontier 650 Scout 8×8 H.o.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time in the blind or your fiftieth season in the deer stand, there’s an undeniable exhilaration that tags along every single time you head out on the hunt. And this is just the machine to take you and your anticipation out there.

Yes, the Frontier 650 H.O. Scout 8×8 is your amphibious companion, stocked with everything you need. The Frontier 650 H.O. delivers 21% more power based on a displacement comparison to the VX 650 engine, while the proprietary ODG cyclonic-style air cleaner with a dual bore carburetor and intelligent choke provides superior reliability to propel this Frontier 8×8 amphibious vehicle through just about anything on land or water.

The Instant Torque Clutch (ITC) provides a smooth journey, heavy-duty front rack for extra carrying capacity, an always-handy front brushguard with 3,000 lb winch, TrueTimberå¨ Prairie camo for blending in, and that pure, unadulterated ARGO eagerness to begin the chase.

    • LX 650 H.O. Engine: This 650 Hi-Output V-Twin Fan-Cooled engine is the new standard in power. Perfectly matched to our 8×8 platform, this new ODG engine is engineered with a unique exterior design and a proprietary cyclonic-style air cleaner with a dual bore carburetor, delivering 21% more power plus higher torque.
    • Instant Torque Clutch (ITC): The ARGO Instant Torque Drive System (ITDS) dramatically improves low-end torque and increases acceleration. The Instant Torque Clutch (ITC) is designed to provide the optimal gear ratio, shifting seamlessly throughout the full range to utilize the massive torque and power of our engines.
    • Classic Transmission with APS: The ODG Classic transmission is our simplest design and operates like a mechanical skid steer, which gives it incredible maneuverability. In order to provide vehicle steering, braking force is applied directly to the output of the appropriate side of the transmission based on operator steering input. In both high and low range, the Classic transmission provides zero-radius turns to get you in and around extreme terrain.
    • ARGO Progressive Steering (APS): APS is an innovation in the area of braking force application to the transmission steering differential. By adding a spring element between the handlebars and the brake system we achieved a progressive, dual-rate steering system. Steering events are now effortless with an increase of 4X wider range of steering motion, offering the smoothest turning available in an ARGO XTV. APS makes it as fun and comfortable to drive as any UTV.
    • Steel Rims and Tires: Steel offset rims with low-pressure 24″ tires are custom engineered with a paddle design for amphibious propulsion through water and optimized traction on the most extreme off-road terrain.
    • Heavy-Duty Steel Front Rack: You’re ready to strap a big trophy on the front rack. Pack your stuff and get way back there. The Frontier 700 Scout has a heavy-duty steel front rack to bring all the things you need to make your hunting adventure safe and rewarding. Wherever you go, make sure you go where others can’t.
    • Winch and Brushguard: Pulling power for when you need it most. The winch mounts on the front to assist with high-angle extractions of equipment or debris. Available for each Frontier model as a genuine ARGO accessory with 3,000 lb capacity.
    • TrueTimber Prairie Camo: ARGO is proud to use TrueTimberå¨ Prairie camo. TrueTimber utilizes the latest technology to create the industry’s most realistic camouflage patterns. Make sure your hunt is successful this year with ARGO. Go where others can’t.
    • Amphibious Body: Yes, this XTV floats. The one-piece amphibious lower body is the signature ARGO design feature. Its smooth, durable underbody floats over potential snags, stumps and outcrops, as well as swamps and water.
    • Engine: LX 650
    • Cylinder: V-Twin
    • Fuel System: Carburetor
    • Cooling: Fan Cooled
    • Alternator Output (Max): 20 Amps
    • Service Brakes: Hydraulic
    • Steering Brakes: Hydraulic
    • Auto Chain Lubrication: Accessory
    • Brake Cooling Fan: Accessory
    • Transmission: Classic w/APS
    • Drive Belt: Standard
    • Full Skid Plate: Standard
    • Brushguard: Standard
    • Winch: 3,000 Lb
    • Front Rack: Standard
    • Cargo Box: Standard
    • Bilge Pump: Standard
    • Stretcher Frame: Accessory
    • ROPS: N/A
    • Rear Mesh: N/A
    • Roof: N/A
    • Power Dump Box: N/A
    • Load Capacity – Land: 780 lb. (354 kg)
    • Load Capacity – Water: 680 lb. (308 kg)
    • Towing Capacity: 1,200 lb. (544 kg)
    • Seating Capacity – Land: 6
    • Seating Capacity – Water: 4
    • Fuel Capacity: 8.5 gal. (32 L)
    • Speed – Land: 16 mph (26 Km/h)
    • Speed – Water: 3 mph (5 Km/h)
    • Weight: 1,270 lb. (576 kg)
    • Length (includes winch when standard): 126 in. (3,200 mm)
    • Width: 58 in. (1,473 mm)
    • Height: 51 in. (1,295 mm)
    • Axle Bearing Extensions: N/A
    • Entry Step: Accessory
    • Tires: Argo XT115 24X10-8
    • Wheel: Steel Offset
    • Ground Pressure (18″ Rubber Tracks): 0.73 psi (5 kPa)
    • Ground Clearance (Tires): 9 in. (228 mm)
    • Ground Clearance (Tracks): 10 in. (254 mm)
    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Colors: TrueTimber Prairie Camo

    Odometer: 0km

    Brand: Argo

    Model: Frontier 650 Scout 8x8 H.o.

    Body Style: UTV

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