September 2, 2021

The MUST HAVE Gear You’ll Want for Your New ATV

So you’ve taken the plunge and bought a new ATV, congratulations! You join a community of outdoor enthusiasts that love exploring and experiencing the world in a way few others can.

That said, the ATV itself is only the first step. You will need some more supplies and accessories to ensure you have the best time with your new All Terrain Vehicle.

The Basics
The most important item, and likely the most obvious, is a helmet. You gotta protect that noggin while you’re out riding. There are so many styles of helmets to find that will suit your needs and comfort. 

Another basic is goggles, especially if you plan on riding in wet and muddy areas or it’s particularly dusty. Goggles will allow you to ride without interruption. 

Proper footwear, when riding in the great outdoors is key, open-toed footwear is not practical. Make sure you’re wearing something you don’t mind getting a little dirty. 

Important stuff
OK, now that you’ve got the basics, there are a few other things to consider while you’re out and about through the wilderness. A tire repair kit will save you if you’re in the middle of a trail and run over something sharp. This will include a plug and a small pump, just enough to get you back to home base for proper repairs. 

You’ll also want a first aid kit for any minor injuries you receive while out for a rip. You never miss a bandage until you need one, so better to be prepared for just about anything.

At least one of your riding buddies in the group should have a toolbox to do some basic repairs if you get into trouble on the trails. You won’t be able to bring a mechanic’s stash on your ATV, but having a few tools, such as a pressure gauge and a torque wrench, will make your life a lot easier should you find yourself in a pinch.

Other gear
Now that you have got the ATV, you’ll need gear to load it up and secure it. Loading ramps will make it much easier to load the quad onto your truck or trailer, and ratchet straps will keep it tied down for safety sake. A good quality cargo box for those backcountry trails for the back of your quad will ensure everything you bring stays put and not scattered along the trail. 

It’ll also keep your valuables out of the elements. Phone, wallet, keys, etc will stay dry and all in one place when you’re out in the rain.

Sure I can continue and list all the fancy accessories on what you need to make sure you have the most elevated ride, but let’s get you started first. Get you on the trail, safe and secure with the basics, the important items, and some practical parts. Once you begin taking those trips you will quickly learn what style of rider you are and what other accessories you will need to enhance your overall ride. 

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