April 25, 2022

Spring Clean your ATV or SXS

So your ATV has been put away for the winter months, but it’s finally warming up and the trails are calling.

However, before you get too far into preparing your trip, take the time to do a little spring clean on your ATV or SXS. It’s been sitting idle for a few months, which means you need to do a little maintenance to make sure it runs properly. While you’re at it, you’ll probably want to get all your gear and equipment together, too, so check out our article on the “Top 8 Items You Should Bring On Every ATV Ride“.

1. Clean Your ATV

Now, there’s a good chance your ATV has been sitting in a garage or shed for the last few months, which means there’s been time for dust and grease to build up on the vehicle’s exterior. 

Find a good degreaser and surface cleaner and spray down the exterior. Then, get to scrubbing and once that’s done, rinse it off really well. 

If you’ve got mud built up, make sure you really soak the mud with water to loosen it up before you try and get it off.

Don’t Forget to Dry It Off

Once your ride has been scrubbed and rinsed, don’t forget to dry it off. It’s tempting to let the sun do the job, but any water that doesn’t evaporate can lead to rust. You definitely don’t want that!

So take the time to dry your ATV with a lint-free towel, or if you have the means, use your leaf blower to give it a blow-dry.

Use Wax for Easier Maintenance

Next you’ll want to make it easier to clean your ride during the season, so look at waxing the plastic parts of your ATV. This will help revert dirt from sticking, which will reduce how often you’ll have to hose it down. Less cleaning = more riding.

2. Check the Filters and Change the Oil

If your ATV has been sitting all winter, make sure you change the air filter. It’ll help your ATV run more smoothly when you do finally start it up. You’ll also want to change the oil and the oil filter before you hit the trails. 

Basic maintenance like this will extend the life of your ATV’s engine, so don’t skimp on it. You’ll also want to grease any bearings and joints that had the excess grease washed away.

Now Get Out There and Have Fun!

Now that you’ve got it cleaned, make it a regular part of your routine. It’ll be easier to clean your ride if you do it on a regular basis, so make it a habit now. Future you will appreciate the effort.

Got questions on getting your ride ready for spring? Or maybe you need some professional vehicle maintenance to keep it in tip top shape? Then reach out to our parts and services team, we’d be happy to hear from you.

For everything else ATV or SXS-related, visit us at Throttle Powersports, funcomesalive.ca.


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