May 5, 2023

The Best Helmet Cameras for Your ATV Adventure

Ever wish you could share the thrill of ripping through the backcountry on your ATV? Feeling the engine’s rumble, the sun shining down, the fresh air; there’s nothing like it anywhere.

While you can’t quite replicate the feeling without being there, you can show friends what it’s like from your perspective. ATV helmet cameras have become popular recently, as everyone wants to share their experiences with people worldwide. The practice is so widespread that you can buy helmets specifically with a camera mount.

Things to consider

Before you buy the first helmet camera you see, there are a few things to consider.

Cost: Action cameras are relatively inexpensive but can get costly quickly. Determine how much you’re willing to spend on a helmet cam and see what you can get for that price range. You may need to be flexible if you can’t find a decent one for your original price.

Battery life: The last thing you want is for the battery to die in the middle of your ride. Check the camera specs, see how long the battery will last on a single charge, and decide how long you’ll need it to last.

Durability: A camera mounted on your helmet must be tough because there’s always a chance it will get dropped, especially outdoors. Choose one that has a durable outer casing that won’t break the second it hits the ground.

Quality camera specs: Look for a helmet camera with good image stabilization, otherwise viewers may get nauseous watching a bumpy ride. Also, look for fast-acting exposure sensors, especially if riding through an area with many trees. On a sunny day, going through shade and sun makes it hard for a camera not to over- or under-expose the footage.

Reviews: Feel free to look at the reviews online for different ATV helmet cameras. While websites may have a lot of paid reviews that are on the biased side, you can find genuine reviews in places like online forums where users will give you their honest opinion on the product.  



The GoPro cam is a common name when you think of action cameras. These little cubes can be attached to many surfaces and have high-quality components. The GoPro Hero series are excellent helmet cameras that get better with each version they release. 


Yi 4K+

This model is great for those that want a good camera without the huge price tag. The camera is just as good as a GoPro, but it’s more affordable. 



Sony is quickly becoming the brand of camera that people turn to, no matter what they use it for. The 4K action camera is ideal as a helmet cam has better image stabilization than the GoPro. It’s unique features allow it to be mounted to the side of your helmet instead of the top.


Stay safe

When using an action camera, ensure you’re not trying to adjust it while riding. Come to a complete stop before you try to fiddle with it. When in motion, focus on your driving rather than trying to get the best shot. 

Even if you decide to mount your action camera on the handlebars or any other spot, don’t skip out on wearing a helmet. It’s not only the law; it’s for your own protection.

Ready to try trail riding with a helmet camera? Or want to get riding in general? Throttle Powersports has three locations to find the right ATV, and accessories, with parts and a service department to keep you on the trails. To find out how we can help you, call 1-866-668-6386 today!


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